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Chris Hensworth as Thor; Anthony Hopkins as Odin

Surprise, surprise.
It isn’t unusual for a few folks with a phone camera to grab, at any obscure angle, a few minutes of a presentation while at a film festival or comics convention. At last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, it’s practically normal behavior. It is also not uncommon for a studio and/or distributor to ask that certain websites ake the footage down within a week or so.

Once again, the uber-nerds from the net come out swinging!

“How dare they do this! Don’t they know it’s free advertising!”

“Other films have let it go; let the film get more buzz”

“They are over-reacting!”

And my response to all this? Boo-Hoo- Hoo. Just because some studios, filmmakers and distributors allow things like leaked trailers from time to time doesn’t mean ALL studios, filmmakers and distributors do. ‘Thor’ will be distributed by Paramount Pictures, a studio, who in recent times, have been known to be very protective of photos and/or footage that are taken without permission and leaked on the internet. But it also depends more on the content. When it comes to Comic-Con and films that are a little over a year of being theatrically released, I don’t consider “the footage” shown to be “a trailer”. It could be a few filmed scenes or a teaser of a scene meant ONLY for a presentation.
It isn’t an official trailer.

There’s also the possibility that the studio may want such footage or “trailer” to be exclusive to that movie’s website; it can still be viewed but you have to go to that site. It may be a recent launch of a film’s site, or it may be the only content that they have at the moment.

I tend to stick up for the studios and the filmmakers on this issue. If they allow it, that’s great. But if they ask that no cameras be allowed to capture presentation footage, then the audience should respect that. As for the teaser trailer for Thor- the official one- it’s expected to be on the Iron Man 2 DVD and Blu-Ray; to which I can understand some frustration because it’s only a month or two away. I think the video of the presentation was up online for almost a week. I have NO problem with it being torpedoed in this timeframe. It’s enough to whet the fanbase appeal. Those who shot the footage at Comic-Con still have that footage for their personal viewing (an argument I never fully understood is why those who upload such videos to YouTube and other places get so knotted up over it being yanked offline; after all, they still have it in storage, don’t they? and if it is only a month or two before an official teaser trailer appears-? Are we really losing sleep over this? So the footage, or some of it that the studio wants to put in the official trailers, gets seen shortly anyway.

If a studio wants to control the content of a film, let the studio and/or filmmakers control the content of that film and stop your bellyaching fanboys.


When Lightning Strikes

Sometimes anticipation for a movie can get the better of you. Many of my fellow movie-oriented bloggers out in the netsphere happen to be looking forward to one film in particular. That film is “Thor”, due out next year (May 2011). The film, of course, is interconnected to a series of films, (the two Iron Man films, 2008’s The Incredible Hulk and the upcoming Captain America that will lead up to The Avengers. I generally am a film nut first, a comics lover second. It is not a surprise that many are keeping tabs on these films with extreme vigor. Pictured above is a hodgepodge of two images already leaked to the public- the THOR logo and Chris Hensworth, the star, in Thor costume. The other elements I added for effect (photoshop flares, extra nebula, a faded out pic of Anthony Hopkins from Mask Of Zorro (Hopkins plays Odin in the upcoming Thor film) . Reason why I have it here, is because I think as far as comics to film hero costumes go, it is a great translation.

Iron Man folks can get away with; it’s a suit of armor. Hulk is a big green goliath. Black Widow is a catsuit. Thor and Cap are a bit more tricky. They work well in the comics, but the adaptation to the big screen is a challenge. It looks like Thor might just pass.

But I’m not looking forward to an Avengers movie. With the plan (as I understand it) varied heroes – Iron Man, Thor, Cap, maybe Black Widow, maybe War Machine, Nick Fury and Ant-Man, Wasp and Hawkeye (the last three to show up in the film) as well as The Hulk…gosh, give me some elbow room. Good luck Joss Whedon.

No, I’m not the least bit excited. Thor has to not only knock it out of the park, but so does Cap’n America. Now, it turns out that while Fox owns film rights to X-Men, we will be getting the “First Class” which will be a prequel to the X-Men films, much like last year’s satisfactory (but underwhelming) Wolverine. In a way, that’s coolness. But not so fast. DC has Green Lantern, see…and we got Transformers 3 also due. On top of that, welcome back Jack Sparrow. The Apes are back too, although the Planet Of The Apes 2000 is going to be ignored.

The summer of 2011 is crowded with pop culture madness. You thought this summer is lackluster? I just hope next year doesn’t implode.