Daredevil (2003) is a film, which I didn’t really care about although after the smoke cleared, I had rented it on DVD a year later, and I wound up liking it a bit more. I eventually wound up buying the SE two disc set, which had a ton of nice supportive features, specifically the enhanced viewing mode which allows the viewer to see behind the scenes stunts, effects and things like that. Boring stuff to average casual viewers, gold to film geeks. It does not really matter how good the quality of a film might be; if the video release has behind the scenes non- fluff pieces, I’m there. Daredevil is no different. When a number of viewings have been taken in, I realize that it wasn’t a horrible film. There was a lot to like, in fact. A touching love story between Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) and Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner, who would later marry Affleck); future Iron Man director Jon Faverau as Foggy Nelson, the over the insane Bullseye, played by Colin Farrell, the Kevin Smith cameo, scenes that come right out of the comics and the music, including the Graeme Revell. score. Also, narrative wise, the “turned corner” doesn’t happen until an hour and a half into the film. It is that moment, and what happens after it, that single handedly uproots what had come before it. It answers one question that many consider to be a plot hole (how the hero can keep fighting after being seriously wounded) but unwittingly creates another question and then a much bigger plot hole. Then another. Then the entire film falls like a domino effect. One scene in particular stands out among all others, and becomes universally hated, at least on a subconscious level, because of the last ten to fifteen minutes of the film. Likewise, three other scenes stand out as being emotionally and visually outstanding- which adds to the bigger disappointment, for whenever one sees a movie which has stellar moments or when an actor or actress is really good in the part, if the rest of the film is not up to par…? That’s a huge problem. Continue reading