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That would be an interesting double bill...

That would be an interesting double bill…

Even though I have the DVD, for some reason I found myself watching, at least the latter half of 2001’s Donnie Darko on the Blockbuster channel (Dish). Nothing else was on at the time to suit my fancy. I also know that I’ll re-watch the film later on in it’s entirety sometime soon. It’s just a rule of mine. But re-watching even part of it transported me back to the the first time I seen it at the 2001 Austin Film Festival. I loved the film then, and I still love it now. I got the screenplay/book, big time fan. I still have hopes for the films writer-director, Richard Kelly, even if he did go on to later direct The Box and Southland Tales, that he will return to the brilliance seen in this film.

In any case, I got a little curious and wanted to brush up on my Darko trivia. Went to the IMDB. Surprised that I discovered that Darko had a bit part for Seth Rogen, his first onscreen role. Hung my head in shame that I didn’t know that or had simply forgotten. Hey, we’re all human. We all err, right?

Headed to the goofs section. My jaw hit the floor.

You gotta be kidding me.

Goof: Anachronisms: When Donnie leaves the theater to burn Jim Cunningham’s house down, we see that the films playing at the theater are The Evil Dead and The Last Temptaion of Christ. Although the film is set in 1988, The Last Temptaion of Christ wasn’t released till 1989

I had long since forgotten my old IMDB account so I promptly made a new one with my Facebook. I’m sorry. I feel it’s my civic duty. Even at three in the morning. How long has that been there?

We are only human, right?
And, lo, it’s also concerning that overrated piece of stuff the otherwise brilliant Scorcese did. Never thought in a million years I’d be the guy to set the record straight. Least the person can go back and use spell check. But here’s my correction, and I hope IMDB has the wisdom to let it stand-

When Donnie leaves the theater to burn Jim Cunningham’s house down, we see that the films playing at the theater are The Evil Dead and The Last Temptation of Christ.Some think the ‘Last Temptation Of Christ’ wasn’t released until 1989. The fact is the film was first given a limited release on August 12, 1988. It is possible that the film was re-released in early 1989 to drum up Oscar support. In addition, while the film would have been out of release theatrically by the events of ‘Darko’, the double bi ll is at a second run theater, or that ‘Evil Dead’ was booked for the Halloween season.
Type: Incorrectly regarded as goof

Even the IMDB lists the release of Last Temptation in August. On top of that, it’s The Last Temptation Of Christ. The protests that summer were even more remembered more than the movie itself. But it got me thinking about something. How many “goofs” people talk about on various films aren’t really goofs?
Your Friendly Big Brother hasn’t got the time to police all the pages, but I can’t help but post about this.

I don’t know why it hits me this way. It just ticked me off. I have nothing to do with the film other than being a film watcher. And this…”goof” ticked me off. Makes me think of all the rotten little things that nitwits on the net do. Like going into Spoilers R Us on Wikipedia. Seriously! But here comes another ballgame, calling out errors when there aren’t any. And all IMDB has to do is ONE QUICK FACT CHECK. But I’ll play optimist.

So maybe the writer of that entry also saw the film on Block, and said, “hey! This film takes place in 1988! Last Temptation was in 1989!” to which is equally as dull because it just takes ONE QUICK FACT CHECK to know for sure.

Maybe nobody cares. Life goes on.
But sorry whoever wrote that. I can’t let that slide.
Not as a Darko fan, not as a film fan, not as an aspiring writer-director. Just all the above.

And a concerned citizen.


Confusion and Illusion

Vanilla Sky, Mulholland Drive and Matrix Revolutions : three of the most confusing films of all time?

Came across this little list the other day, and what makes this list different from other movie new related website movie lists is that this was a poll. The voters were chiming in on “What is the most confusing movie of all time” over atLovefilm
The Tom Cruise picture, Vanilla Sky took this top honor. The runners up were Mulholland Drive and Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko?! Really!? I would have thought Darko director Richard Kelly was nutty enough with 2009’s The Box, but what do I know. I loved Donnie Darko, however, and it wasn’t confusing to me.

It should be said that the other films that made this poll are
The Matrix Revolutions, Memento, 12 Monkeys, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Revolver
and A Clockwork Orange . Wow. The late Stanley Kubrick hits twice. Actually, I don’t know what’s confusing about A Clockwork Orange either. I thought that was pretty straightforward. 12 Monkeys has a twisted logic, but it made sense narrative-wise. It was also a box office hit as well. Since the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con weekend is here, the majority of internet movie news sites seems to have no comment on this, or run with thier own list and/or ask readers what movie is “most confusing” to them. Aside from the recent Jennifer Aniston movie ‘The Bounty Hunter anyway.

One speculation as to why these films are confusing? Dreamlike states are a factor. I agree with that. Most of the listed are indeed heavy on the surreal. Some deal with alternate realities caused by shifts in a timeline where the timelime is corrected (Donnie Darko) or cannot be changed (12 Monkeys), others the distortion of reality (Vanilla Sky, Eternal Sunshine, the Matrix films). To this, I can understand the confusion. In Donnie Darko, the main character realized that he was stuck in a time loop which repeated itself. Some of the other characters knew it too, but were clueless on how to fix it. Darko was the key. Unable to change the outcome of his family members dying in the plane crash and his girlfriend being hit by a car (driven by Frank), when time reversed, Donnie chose to stay in his room and die, instead of listening (again) to Frank The Rabbit. The time loop breaks, characters have a fleeting memory of what transpired, like they woke up from a dream. However, with Darko “dead” and the time-vortex-wormhole inactive there will be no plane accident which would kill Donnie in the past. Things like this isn’t always a bad thing- they keep such films alive with fans old and new. Debate, speculation, multiple viewings. So when this “poll” is given, it could be said that a good number of them are films that people also enjoy because of the mind twisters. Continue reading