Some of the upcoming movies advertised during the 2010 Super Bowl included Prince Of Persia, The Crazies and Robin Hood.

The 2010 Super Bowl is now in the history books, and if it one thing I love is seeing a good close game, with one team having more endurance and passion, wind up coming out on top. That second half started off with a surprise, an on-side kick that led to a touchdown, and ended pretty much with The Saints Tracy Porter intercepting a pass and sealing the Colts’ fate 31-17. I could not ask for more, aside from the fact that The Saints were not expected to win (thus an underdog) and the hard times New Orleans (and the state of Louisiana) has been through in the past few years. All of that makes good television, and CBS milked that every possible minute in the post-game show.

Another national past time in regards to the Superbowl are the commercials. While I liked a few of them (Denny’s Chickens in danger, the Kiss Dr. Pepper ad, and the Dodge Charger ad) the majority of them were blah (looking at YOU Megan Fox, and not in a good way) and others just tasteless (thinking people with no pants, sumo wrestlers, and Go Daddy). But there is something specifically I want to focus on: the movie trailers. Here’s a list of the ones I caught:

    The Last Air Bender
    Shutter Island
    Robin Hood
    The Crazies
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Back-Up Plan
    Prince of Persia

Of course, Shutter Island is the Martin Scorcese-Leo DeCaprio thriller was was originally supposed to open last year but the studio moved it to the spring of this year. I’ve made up my mind that I want to see it, but that choice was made months ago. I didn’t see an ad for The A-Team which I think should have been there, seeing how the TV series the film is based on premiered after 1983’s Super Bowl XVII. Likewise Iron Man 2 was a no show. Two years ago, it was another story. What was in this years Bowl ads aside from Shutter Island got me thinking, especially after catching the Prince Of Persia ad, and admiring a Universal Orlando spot that made me hyped for the next Harry Potter film when I have skipped all the others- and the ad wasn’t even promoting the next Potter film, at least directly.

Here is the question: based on the movie ads that aired during the Super Bowl XLIV (not counting Harry Potter, Simpsons and Coca Cola or a possible threat of a Vacation reunion) which of the above named films grab my interest and get my attention?
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