“It’s Only A Movie”

Time and time again I hear that all too common phrase aimed at someone who disagrees over a specific movie with those that write those words. Thinking that “they” are correct and too much is being read or interpreted from that film, the matter is dropped. Then the author of that comment will soon proceed to ignore his/her own advice, raving on how well they liked the picture- without really backing anything up. I’m not suggesting everyone is like that, far from it. What I am suggesting is that it sucks the life out of film debate and discussion. What is even more ironic is that when we hear a movie is coming out and someone spurts out in a comments section..”The film is critic proof”. I submit to you, dear readers, that there is no such movie. Never has been and never will be. It is nothing more than a shallow myth, a straw man excuse. Let me stress that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a ‘popcorn’ flick in and of itself. What I mean by the myth is that, we, the film goers, do act as film critics from time to time, just not on a professional level. We get on the net, the film related blogs and give an opinion, either in a post or in a comment. So in that regard, which is open for interpretation, no film is “critic proof”.

So where does this blog come in? This film blog is designed to:

  1. Go into deep discussions about films, both good and bad of any/all genres.
  2. Discuss the debates going on within an audiences interpretations and (why) does a group of people feel this way, be right or wrong. (Film is subjective)
  3. Clarifying/explaining why some fans feel alienated from a franchise. Not a rant, but a response, if that makes any sense.
  4. A subjective view on where some films went wrong in narrative and/or the film making process. Or what they did that was unexpected and/or brilliant.
  5. Discussion of films by using (oh, no!) film theory.

Images used in these discussion are used in a journalistic manner and are the copyright of their respected studios/distributors.