Darren J Seeley is a 1987 graduate of Kearsley High School, Flint,MI, has attended Mott Community College Flint,MI in 1987-88 and Ferris State University , Big Rapids,MI between 1988-89 and 1991. He has an associates degree in business (Graphic Communications) from Baker College of Flint,MI. (2005-2008)

He had formerly contributed to the (defunct) websites “The Projector Booth” (1999-2004) and ‘Dark Universe’ (2005), and ‘Choking On Popcorn (2005-2010)’The Movie Blog’ (2010-2011) and The Movie Snitch (2011-2014) He has attended the Heart of Screenwriters Conference and Austin Film Festival in 2001 and 2002

He writes many spec scripts in varied genres, including sci-fi, horror, suspense and comedy.

Political Views= Independent, but leans conservative
religious views = Non denominational/Christian

Darren is on
Myspace and Facebook . Twitter is at Darren7Seeley.
(note: an old Twitter account -Darren J Seeley- is also around, but inactive)