focusfanfour2ce5The Movie Snitch is dead. It started off as Reel Time Movie Blog, which was an offshoot of The Movie Blog. It’s not a total surprise. Last post I did on the site was an op-ed on the Deadpool film just before it was officially announced that the character would get his solo film. It wasn’t a big prediction – the spinoff had been in development for years, and most fans of the character and/or the X-Men films could sense it was coming round the bend. Most of the time I concentrated on film reviews both new and retro (“Forgotten Fridays”) but even that was getting taxing on me. Not because I didn’t like writing about films old and new. but I never fully agreed with the Review template Rodney Brazeau supplied me. I felt it kind of tied my hands, as opposed to my room for wit over at the other sites I contributed to. The death knell came for that review template when I did a retro review for Side Out an 80s film which I liked and I never quite figured out why I did. (It was a guilty pleasure) But it got me thinking about the reviews I did there, as opposed to those I did on Choking On Popcorn (a site that’s still around – in fact, so is my “infamous” review of The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Why is it ‘infamous’? Read the comments section at the end of that- I double dare you!) or some my past reviews from the ol’ Projector Booth from the early 2000’s (I saved some of them) and course, my in-depth overthinking on Daredevil and Jaws 2 here. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoyed my time at The Snitch. But with all of the content gone, and all the content I wrote for The Movie Blog gone, Dark Universe. Rest In Peace…and the Projector Booth film review hub (1999-2004) it’s kind of like an empty feeling.

Rodney, however, is more than right when it came to the State Of The Snitch. Movie blogging is not the same as it was ten years ago. Sorting through movie news stories is easy enough, sorting through what is gossip and rumor is another matter. One too many sites, in hopes to grab hits, run with gossip and rumors as “fact” or “confirming” something which isn’t official. Not to mention that when I found legit stuff, by the time I read the articles, checked facts and wrote my own post, a good chunk of my day was gone. And I did it because I loved it. But as days go by…you do want to see the sunrise. You do have other things going on. Other hobbies. My screenwriting passion, for one was getting a new wind in the sails. As far as movie pundi’ting goe, it gotten to the point where I would focus on reviews, op-eds and one of my favorite kind of movie news stories- the kind that connects to the film buffs. They weren’t “movie news” per se. but they were fun stories to post about. Call them…”human interest” stories.

I recently dusted off The Kernel because mt guess on the fate of The Sniych was correct. It had gone the way of the dodo. IRONICALLY, just before the site took a hit with some hacker (?) and spambots lined up like Disneyland, Anthony Whyte who briely was with me and Rod in the early goings of the Snitch, but apple polished the Movie Blog owners to come back and is now the editor there….offered me to return. That was back in July of this year. A week later, Snitch closes shop. Interesting. Anyway, I didn’t say yes. I didn’t say no. But I was curious about a few things. I did a quick check. Sure enough, for the year’s worth of posts and reviews I did over there, they are gone by the way of The Void. There are only small hints that I was even there, but ever since John Campea and Doug Nagy left, the suite was never the same. When the owners booted Rodney and the writing staff (including me) they became the laughing stock of the readers. The site has never recovered. Movie blogging is a dying art. There are some survivors, but when you look at those sites like Screenrant or /film, they run a tight ship.

.Would I return to The Movie Blog? The answer is…probably not. They erased ALL of my posts and reviews there and I’ve already climbed that peak. I could ask for some payout, but if I did, I expect the check to bounce they are so in the red. Would I go back to Choking On Popcorn? Maybe…but I doubt it. So right now I’m kind of freed up to write for any film site.

As for this blog, I am NOT going to talk about most “movie news be it rumor, fact or fiction. I will be focusing on writing and/or filmmaking process, op-eds and (for now) on reviews both recent and retro – in fact I have made a decision. When it comes to retro, I am going to bring back an old staple from my Projector Booth days.

The return of IN FOCUS.

In Focus was an in depth analysis of any film – not just a film review, although sometimes that was the case. It was a feature, and it wasn’t uncommon for some participants to post of their film school term papers online at the time. No kidding. You would have thought we were Film Comment reborn. Up in the corner of this post is what the In Focus moniker looked like. This post has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four, from 2005, but that’s only an example.

It is extremely possible I will revisit films I wrote about on the Snitch Forgotten Friday, such as Blue Thunder, The Last Days Of Disco Mary Reilly or Side Out. Also, I will be reprinting the past reviews/In Focus features that I had previously saved with an additional re-write/follow up because it some cases, it …well it is 15 years later and my views may or may not have changed.

For those that I didn’t save it’s all good because it gives me an excuse to talk/write about them again.