It’s been a little over a year or so since I posted anything here. The reason for this was that I spent my time divided in three or four places. One such place was The Movie Snitch, an offshoot of The Movie Blog . For a little over a year now The Snitch had been doing so-so in readership. There would be a spark of momentum, then *crash boom bang putter putter* there would be gaps in posts,. The fact of the matter is it was a two man show, then as Rodney got swarmed, it soon was a one man show. I can only hog a spotlight for so long, and for those that have known my rep since 2000 from the good ol’ Projector Booth days (1999-2004) , you know I ride things out until the bitter end. But despite some appearances, I tend to favor collaboration.

It feels that way for The Snitch. Late July of this year, there to seemed be, shortly after my post about how to make a Deadpool movie work, and an odd offer from Anthony White to return to The Movie Blog (co-incidence?), a slight mess on WP dashboard of The Snitch. We are now under spammer swarm, and there’s not a diddly thing I can do. I wanted to review some films both new and retro (Forgotten Friday) but I been locked out for time being. Add to that the state of most film internet ‘movie news’ sites are, sadly, only half that nowadays.

Not everyone is like this, of course, but there is a scourge, and it won’t be before long a studio promoting a film will just come out and tell the honest truth about a project with tons of bombshell spoilers. And nobody will believe them because half the “movie news” sites report otherwise. When you search the net for movie stories to put on a blog, and most of what you get is a wheel barrel of bullshit. is it even worth it anymore? The stories I tended to write about wound up being fan based and/or human interest stories and how they relate to film. Not really “movie news” per se, but I got more enjoyment and more likes when I located and shared those stories. But finding those articles are becoming more and more rare. Everyone it seems wants those hits on the page, they won’t check into facts or sources. They will reword phrases or jump to wild conclusions. And they never stop and think.

Anthony White said to me the owners of The Movie Blog (who have driven that once good place in the dirt) don’t have a problem with me, it’s with Rodney and I can come back if I choose. I said I’ll think about it. That thought went between the ears for about a minute. My answer was and iss no. I have to pass.

Really? They slapped my cyberknuckles, deleted ALL of my posts there…which if you put in a lot of volunteer work at websites and then find all your time and energy is all for naught, it does kind of feel like…despite some passion, you could have had better things to do. I climbed that peak. I reached that summit. And I was treated like dirt on a scuffy looking shoe. Less than a week later of saying no Movie Snitch gets locked. I’m not suggesting it’s connected, I’m just saying….y’know I notice stuff.

So after a month, it’s time to dust this off and start again.