It’s been awhile since I visited, much less posted on my own blogsite. I’ll be ramping things up shortly on this end.

Here’s what’s going on since:

One of my short scripts, Forced Donation, has been filmed. It is currently in post and will be finished soon. It filmed late last summer. The same folks behind this are also considering another short of mine ‘Mystery Of Mister Y‘ Matt Reilly and Kristian Steel are the first folks to interpret my brainwaves.

The Servant.
Things have changed a bit since the last post regarding this some time ago. While I am in contact with the previous party that was interested in this, another party has since stepped in – they even tracked me down – and they are doing most of the pitching at this time. As of now I cannot publicly say who they are due to contract (it’s not a ‘public announcement’) but I’m convinced this will happen someday in some sort of format.

The Clean Up Crew and Breaking Eggs are on the back burners for now. They are question marks.

Spring Comfort a short, has gotten some interest. I’m rewriting it to mold into the filmmaker’s needs. If it happens, it will be part of an anthology, and that’s all I can say about that at this time.

The Find
I can talk about this one a little bit. Hopefully, prep and pre-vis will happen in early 2013. The script originated as a entrant in a DVX userfest with an ‘Alien’ theme. The version at DVX is slightly different than the version on Simply Scripts – the latter more ‘Heavy Metal’ if you will. By ‘Heavy Metal’ I mean like a CG version of the ’81 cult film and/or graphic novel-fantasy magazine and not the Headbanger’s Ball. In any case, shortly after I posted the longer version on SS, someone from the Art Insitute Of Pheonix read it and made me an interesting offer. While payment is credit and a bag of mints, the script has a strong chance of being some sort of project over there. Cross your fingers on that.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually peer reviewing at Talentville or Simply Scripts. Or hanging out at Movie Snitch (formerly Reel Time)