An era is at an end. As of August ist, ‘The Movie Blog’ has been uncermoniously been taken over. Even Rodney Brazeau, who has been with The Movie Blog since its humble beginnings, has been locked out. In the last number of months, Rodney, Anthony White and myself were the only active posters on the site, although Hollywood Slinky and Ian would come around time to time. But we kept it alive.

It wasn’t as popular as when John Campea and Doug Nagy were there, I know. People do miss the podcasts. However, when Rodney was posting up the MSN Film Fan feeds, there was a question posed. If folks wanted MSN FF to continue, that’s great. If not…it was hinted that Rodney would do a few mini videocasts of his own in regards to upcoming weekend films, or something to that effect.

That slight glimmer of hope is now off the landscape.
While things change, and the owners of the site (who are nobody who I mentioned above) can do what they want, I think it would not have been too much trouble to let at least Rodney, the senior editor of TMB, to know what’s going on. You can still say “adios” if you like, but at least folks know you waved goodbye. Follow me? The regular and loyal readers of TMB will catch on soon, I’m sure. There is, however, something of note : the owner’s new writer, Erik, DID NOT write a post/headline that announced the changing of the guard.

My. my, aren’t we sneaky?

Seriously, wouldn’t that be a nice thing to do? I mean, okay, you lock all the writers out, including the senior editor, but you don’t let the readers in on the transition? It may be a shallow deed indeed but at least one can create an illusion of grace.

Does it matter that much to me? That’s a tough question. I’ve migrated off and on over sites for almost ten years now. I like doing most film discussion and film reviews, but on the plus side not blogging about news on other sites does allow me a little extra time to work on my screenplays. I’ve also had to say goodbye to some of those sites for one reason or another. But what bugs me is this…mantra. I haven’t a clue WHY people do this nowadays. You would *think* with the e-mail, skype, Facebook, twitter, everything under one’s fingertips – people can communicate and talk to each other.

Yes, folks can do that. They could also go by dinosaur tactics and thinking by remaining silent and waiting to stab you in the back. No warning. No heads up. No class.