So why did you take the leads in 'Awake', 'Into The Blue', 'Good Luck Chuck'; and 'The Love Guru' again?

Of all the film news this week, I don’t think anything comes close to the recent comment from actress Jessica Alba, where she is quoted from Elle :

“Good actors never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say,”

The result of the soundbite has some fallout. Leading the anti-Alba campaign, so it seems, is screenwriter John August, who on his blog hopes that Alba was taken out of context. Given the fact that Jessica Alba is not a good actress and she’s aware that she has mostly been cast as eye candy, the comment is suspect. I put in ‘so it seems’ because even though other writers have made comments on it, August is better known. So the media picks up on it. Not just the boneheaded Alba quote, but August’s response to it.

In a few days, folks have played well into Elle’s little trap. Elle knew the quote was (or sounds by itself) airheaded. They knewit would cause a fuss. They are going to sell some extra issues because of it. They know that too. But the quote is odd, because Alba’s lead roles to date haven’t been in good movies. In supporting roles she seems okay – but I don’t think she had that many lines in Never Been Kissed and of course Sin City– a film which unlike many of my fanboy peers I didn’t care much for- she was eye candy. She was horribly miscast in The Fantastic Four films (in terms of age, not ethnic background) and my sister liked Honey I thought it was nothing more than an hour and a half music video. In fact, the smoking gun can be seen in the extras on that DVD- ALL the music videos are actual movie scenes. Not clips. Scenes. I will admit, however, to having a mild liking to The Eye– but the remake with Alba does not hold a candle to the original Pang brothers’ fiilm.

I wondered about the ‘good actors’ she mentions. Who is she talking about? Okay, Mike Myers comes to mind, he’s been known to stray off the page- but he’s also been known to write (or rewrite) some of his stuff too. I’m sure she didn’t mean Terrance Howard, Bruce Willis or Michael Chikilis . Are they bad actors because they hit the marks? For the films in which she has been the lead- is Dane Cook a good actor? Hayden Christensen? That’s a lot of speculation. But I have a bigger question.

If you are offered a project and you think the script is not to your liking, why do you say yes? It could be possible that some of Alba’s films- even Idle Hands looked great on paper. It’s been known to happen – good scripts not translating well onscreen or getting mangled in a development process. It’s possible. Or perhaps a film like ‘Awake’ was a great script and the two lead actors felt otherwise so they didn’t follow the script and messed up the movie.

I wonder now if Alba was a good actress on the TV show Dark Angel. Remember that? That’s when folks REALLY discovered her. Did she tick people off and do her own thing or did she read off the page?

I’m sure she’s a smart cookie. But y’know what, You talk like an airhead, you act like an airhead, within time, the general public will treat you like one. Your mantle is being passed to Megan Fox, so there may be a day where this problem can be solved.