First of all, a general welcome for all those who have stumbled upon this new blog of mine. Being that we are winding down the year 2009, I hope the majority all of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. Hopefully New Year’s eve will be just as terrific for you as it will be for me. How do I know it’ll be great for me? There’s an old saying: the world is what you make it and I want you to have a party. Toast the coming year and while we normally say ‘Peace on Earth and goodwill to all’ during Christmas, shouldn’t that also be a resolution for the 2010, as it should be with every year?

Anyway, before I start talking and discussing films, I want to list four things that I liked about entertainment media in 2009, and at least four things I didn’t.

Lady Gaga on "American Idol" April 2009

The top four things I liked about/in the entertainment media in 2009 (random order):

  • The coverage of the passing of Michael Jackson, specifically the televised memorial tribute.
  • Live Video on the Internet-especially in regards to the inauguration of President Obama-even if you didn’t vote for the 44th President. (like me)
  • The Oscars, the new format, Hugh Jackman hosting, Anne Hathaway having fun, the posthumous award given to Heath Ledger and anything to do with Slumdog Millionare, specifically the AR Rahman/John Legend medley.
  • Lady Gaga on American Idol. Because I like ladies from outer space. Other than that, she slightly reminded me of Missing Persons/Dale Bozzio and Gaga has had a good year-using the media and her stage antics-showmanship to get on the radar. The Idol appearance by far was a highlight.

Now for the rough stuff.

  • The media’s treatment of fmr Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. AFTER the ticket lost. Hey folks, if you all think she’s a nitwit, so be it. But since it goes on and on and on-what is the point in it? I think regardless if you like her or despise her, a line must be drawn. The mainstream (liberal?) media has crossed that line. Think I’m kidding? Who made Levi a star?
  • The same nutjobs who overexpose John and Kate, that’s who.
  • The harem of Tiger Woods. Do we REALLY need to know all about these women? Most of the entertainment media thinks we do. Meantime, someone’s going through early divorce proceedings. The media celebrates. I turn the channel. In fact, let’s just step up and say it in a chant- no more dirty laundry for 2010 please– but, I know. Good luck on that.
  • Jay Leno bumping the entire NBC 10:00 dramas one hour earlier in favor of the same darned thing he did on The Tonight Show.